Freight Street

Freight Street

Freight Street is an indie band based in the Toledo area. The members of Freight Street include JP Stebal (he/him) on drums, Kathleen Schnerer (she/her) on violin, Tom “Boo Lee Crosser” Vasey (he/him) on guitar and vocals, Devonte Stovall (he/him) on bass and cello, and Flannery Murnen (they/them/he/him) on vocals.

All good friends, they met while attending Bowling Green State University as members of the Roots Music Club on campus. Their unique sound is formed from the eclectic styles each player brings to the table—pulling influence from Americana, Irish folk, blues, punk, rock, power pop, bubblegrunge and anything else they so desire. Their most recent releases include Longshot (single, 2022) and Drivin’ (single, 2022). Their recent performances have brought them out to venues in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland—just to name a few— and they also played the main stage at the 2022 Black Swamp Arts Festival here in Bowling Green.

Above all, Freight Street is a family forged in music—dedicated to making their music and their shows a safe space for everyone who values love, community, respect, equality and social justice.

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Freight Street

Photos by Conor Schall