CSA: Community Supported Art

BGAC CSA - Community Supported Art

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, Community Supported Art is a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors. We are seeking artists, of all disciplines, to launch our inaugural Community Supported ART (CSA) program.

Our local CSA program is modeled on the Community Supported Art project created by Springboard for the Arts and mnartists.org in Minnesota.

Artists will be selected to receive a stipend of $750, great connections to local collectors and promotional support.

Here are the basics of how the CSA works:

Selected artists will create 30 “shares” for the program. A typical share will consist of a work of art/object of artistic production — multiples are encouraged, however creative ideas that translate your practice into this format or connect to themes like sustainability, farm, or food are also welcome. For example a limited edition of vinyl 7″, a run of screen-prints, series of small tea cups, run of photographs, tickets to an upcoming performance or event, letterpress editions of a poem or short story, or even 30 small original paintings. Collaborations between artists or work by collectives are also welcome.

For $250 interested consumers/collectors will purchase a share (aka a “membership” or a “subscription”) via bgartscouncil.com and in return receive 2 “farm boxes” of locally produced artwork at intervals this season. The pick-up evenings will be events in themselves.


Benefits of the CSA program include:

For Artists:

  • Support for the creation of new work
  • Establish relationships with local collectors and patrons
  • Participate in the launch of an exciting new model of art support and distribution!
  • Your own share in the CSA where you will receive art for the other 5 artists selected
  • A one-day exhibit at the local Farmers’ Market

For CSA Member Shareholders:

  • Receive six works from local emerging and mid-career artists at a fantastic value!
  • Tickets to two pick up events with live performances
  • Develop relationships with the local artists and art community
  • Discover new artists and explore a variety of disciplines
  • Support local artist’s careers and a vibrant community