September 2015

September 2015

Bowling Green
Arts Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In Attendance: Marilyn Shrude, Alice Calderonello, John Calderonello, Craig Blair, Jacqui Nathan, Nancy Stonerock, Richard Gullett, Pat Snyder, Kitty Pattay, Kelsey Klein

I. Meeting venue – The group will continue to meet in the downstairs conference room at the Senior Center (right beyond the main entrance doors, immediately off the entrance hallway) for regular monthly meetings. Because of Spring Break, the October meeting has been moved forward. The time was also moved to 6:30 to accommodate several members’ schedules.

The group ALSO decided to hold the 50+ Shades of Grey
show and reception at the Senior Center. Preferences for art to be hung: the
dining room; preferences for the reception: the main room on the first floor,
with food table in hall way; possibilities for the reception: a Monday night
from 5-7 or a Sunday afternoon between lunch and dinner. Alice was asked
to convey these preferences to Denise and to ask for her input/guidance.
All present conveyed grateful thanks to Denise, who has also offered to cover
the expense of the opening reception (if held at the Senior Center.)

II. Committee Reports
Art in the Park – At the request of the new head of Parks and Recreation, the first planning meeting for 2016 will occur in October. Nothing additional to

Treasury Report – attached; July balance: $820; August balance: $804.23.
Sandwich Stroll: break even.

Artists for Animals – Jacqui handed out the updated information sheet for the
event: please note changes in schedule from last month’s minutes:

Show dates: November 6- December 15
October 1st Entry and payment deadline
October 24th Notification of acceptance/awards by e-mail. Delivery information will also be transmitted
Delivery Wednesday November 4, 5-7 pm
Installation Thursday, November 5, 4-6 pm
Opening Reception Friday, November 6, 5-7 pm
As agreed upon in a meeting involving members of 4 Corners and
BGAC members Genson, Nathan, and Calderonello, the venue for the
Show and reception will be at the Four Corners Center.
The group also agreed that the reception should be catered by Café Havana,
and approved $50 for that purpose. Craig moved; Richard second; approved.
Kelsey will place the order with Café Havana; John will pick up the food
and bring it to the reception. Alice and John will provide wine and water for
the reception. Nancy and Marilyn will each bake and bring 3 dozen cookies;
Craig will bring lemonade. Marilyn will also secure music for the reception.

To facilitate the process and to assure that members help with this event, a
Sign-up sheet was circulated. Below are the results:

Helping with Art Intake (November 4, 5-7 pm): Pat Snyder,
Jacqui Nathan (5-6 only), Marilyn Shrude

Hanging the Show (November 5, 4-6): Craig Blair, Richard Gullett, John
Calderonello, Nancy Stonerock, Pat Snyder (5-6 only)

Helping with the reception (November 6, 4-5): Alice and John Calderonello,
Nancy Stonerock, Kitty Pattay, and Marilyn Shrude

Clean Up After the Reception (November 6, 7-7:30): Alice Calderonello,
Nancy Stonerock, Pat Snyder, Marilyn Shrude

Helping with Art Pick Up (December 16, 4-6): Jacqui Nathan, Kitty Pattay,
Nancy Stonerock

Internet & Web Committee – Nothing to report.

Sandwich Stroll – Broke even; will need to discuss whether to continue with
this event.

Updates in BGAC Brochure. Jacqui passed out the revised, updated BGAC brochure. Members present made a few, minor suggestions and voted to approve the new brochure and also authorized the printing of 100 copies, some of which to be distributed at Black Swamp Arts Festival. Kelsey moved; Marilyn seconded. Approved.

III. For the Agenda of the October meeting; vote /acceptance of bylaws

***THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON October 6TH at 6:30
******THE LOCATION WILL BE THE SENIOR CENTER CONFERENCE ROOM. (The Senior Center is located on Main Street in BG, next to the Wood County Public Library.)