March 2022

Minutes from BGAC Meeting

March 15th, 2022

Grounds for Thought Annex

Members present: Jacqui Nathan, Robin S. Gerrow, Tom Gerrow, Jane Van Eynden, Dave Saneholtz, Flannery Murnen

Feb. 8th Minutes

  • Robin moves to approve amended minutes; Tom seconds, Approved.

Treasury report

  • 4700 in checking
  • 2 bills paid this quarter
    • Donation to WCHS
    • BG Chamber of C dues
    • 3 membership payments for this year

Committee Reports

  • Art Walk May 14th
    • Art Walk meeting 3/16/22
    • Call for Artists went out
    • Should be news release going out soon
    • Flamingos will go out
    • Any volunteers?
      • Perhaps Lloyd could help get out the word on this?
    • Alleyway Project
      • Meeting was 3/13/22
      • Architect renderings and decisions by city done by artwalk
      • 2 new parklets out on main by artwork
      • After art walk, announcement of the project with a little afterparty and refreshments
      • Expecting BGAC to do more of the art portion, and not so much of the fundraising portion

Old Business

  • Bylaws
    • Robin, Jacqui, and Flannery met 3/11
    • Latest update of the draft submitted to meeting attendees
    • Attendees offered alterations
    • Dave moves that we vote; Jane seconds; Approved.
  • New locations for displaying artwork for shows
    • Community center, vacant storefronts; Like pop up stores

New Business

  • Proposed membership structure (see document)
    • Presented to meeting attendees
    • Members proposed additional changes and ideas
      • Potential advantages for artists, patrons, etc.
    • Along with membership proposal, perhaps looking at details like providing an application for artists to send information to Tom for website
    • Placing minimums as dues instead of definitive due amounts
    • Honing in on the perks for artists
  • Firefly Nights
    • Reach out to the Firefly team, find out what opportunities there are for sponsorship
  • Community Grant Project
    • Due March 27th

Meeting Adjourned– Flannery moves, Jacqui seconds

Next Meeting– April 12th, Location TBD