January 2022

Minutes from BGAC meeting

January 11th, 2022 ⎼ 6:30PM


Members present: Jacqui Nathan, Marilyn Schrude, Robin S. Gerrow, Tom Gerrow, Flannery Murnen

Dec. 14th, 2021 Minutes— Marilyn moved; Tom seconded

Treasury Report:

  • $120 from Artists for Animals
  • Tom moves to Send $100 to WCHS; seconded by Robin; approved.
  • Our running Balance is ~4903.71
    • Slight shrinkage from last year by about $120

Committee Reports

  • Artists 4 Animals, ends on 21st of Jan.
    • Pickup on Mon. 24th
    • Tom and Robin will be present for Pickup @Beerworks
    • 50+ Shades of Grey postponed till next year
  • Art Walk
    • New May 14th date should be approved?
    • Marylin moves, Flannery seconds; Approved.
  • Alleyway Project
    • 1st fundraising meeting tentatively 2/7/22
    • Potential for in-person public forum
    • Perhaps a simple survey for BG independent and Sentinel to put out, and get community input
    • Post the survey on social media as well
      • Tom to take that over
    • How much money would we need in order to commission a piece?
      • Lloyd to confer with Gordon on this

Old Business

  • Still working on bylaws
    • Jacqui, Flannery, and Robin to meet 1/18/22

New Business

  • Figuring out a new gallery space for art shows
    • Simpson Building or Community Center would be good spaces
  • Perhaps a summer project with the parks
    • Painting utility boxes?
    • Get the high school students involved?
  • The website NEEDS to be updated
    • PHP needs to be updated; Tom will handle this
  • Surveying/Focus group of some of the working artists in town who haven’t been involved in arts council
    • What would they like to see us do to help support them better and bring them in?
  • Trial restructuring of our membership
    • Getting business members or patron members as a separate tier from artists
    • Artists could be part of it for free or reduced cost
    • Helping them with websites or sales of their work
    • Maybe we allow them to do weeklong social media takeovers
    • Get them involved outside of meetings

Meeting adjourned– Marilyn moves, Flannery seconds

Next Meeting– Feb. 8th, Location TBD