October 2019

Bowling Green

Arts Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 8, 2019

Members in Attendance: Jacqui Nathan, Craig Blair, Alice Calderonello, John Calderonello, Marilyn Shrude, Richard Gullett, Alex Bishop, Lloyd Triggs, Carole Kauber, Kitty Pattay, Nancy Stonerock, Melanie Stinson, Dave Saneholtz

Approval of September minutes: moved by Richard; seconded by John . Approved.

Treasury Report Huntington Bank Balance: $ 4,185.38

Balance reflects expenses of $64 for annual mailbox rental (thru Aug/Sept 2020) and $17.99 annual website hosting fee. No income.

Committee Reports

NowOH 2019 Winners Circle Show- currently at 4 Corners; can show remain through next Firefly night? (Jacqui will look into this.)

Artists 4 Animals November 1st- December 5th

Deadline extended until October 10th; so far 12 entrants, with more coming

Juror- Shari Densel

Ribbons – Kitty will order once Jacqui tells her how many/what kind

Refreshments- Alice will solicit Kabob It; Nancy will bake cookies;

John & Alice will provide cider, cups, and napkins. Others may

bring snacks.

Music- BGSU Old Time Music Ensemble, directed by Kathy Meizel,

will play animal-themed music.

Task Signup

Intake Tuesday, October 29 3-5: Lloyd Triggs and Nancy Stonerock

Hanging Wednesday, October 30: Lloyd Triggs (3-5) , Richard Gullett (3-5), Craig Blair (3:30 – 5:30)

Reception set up, take down Friday, November 1 4:30 – 7:00: John and Alice Calderonello,

Art Pick up Friday, December 6 3-5: Melanie Stinson and Marilyn Shrude

Website/Social Media Alex is working to update website, add pictures, make

information more accessible, and create links to individual artist members.

New Business – Carole Kauber, our wonderful Treasurer is leaving the state; we thank her for her service and will miss her presence. New member Dave Saneholtz has agreed to become BGAC Arts Council’s new Treasurer. Thanks, Dave!

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 12, 2019