November 2021

Minutes from BGAC Meeting

November 9th, 2021 – 6:30 PM

Bowling Green Beerworks

322 N. Grove St.

Members Present: Jacqui Nathan, Marilyn Schrude, Jane Vanden Eynden, Lloyd Triggs, Flannery Murnen

Oct. 12th, 2021 minutes—Jacqui moves; unanimous ayes

Treasury Report

No report

Committee Reports

  • Artists 4 Animals
    • Deadline extension to 11/15
    • An issue on google submission form
      • Could not enter student’s name
    • So far there have only been submissions from 9-12 grade participants and adults
      • talk to BGCS and see about “missing” K-5 and 6-8 entries, Lloyd can you follow up on this?
      • Check with Nikki Myers and Noreen, Ms. Hilton (new ceramics teacher @ BGHS)
    • Volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around
      • check email for e-copy
    • Opening will be 5:30pm-7:30pm
    • How should we display everything? *
      • Maybe run a slideshow for any electronic pieces
      • Borrow some equipment from School of Art
      • Putting together food for volunteers
        • Kabob it?- follow up
    • Small prints for sale
      • Sell @ Beerworks, Grounds?
    • Press release
      • Robin, can you do this?

Old business

  • Bylaws—See Bylaws Draft from email, still in process
    • Jacqui, Flannery, Robin met 11/2/21
    • We can have another subcommittee meeting on the bylaws to refine
      • Pay more attention to defining roles of committees and committee members
    • Should we add a Board of Directors?
      • no less than five, no more than 11
      • each has to be a member of at least one committee
      • elected at annual meeting for 3 year term
        • cannot serve more than two consecutive 3 year terms
      • July will be the annual meeting, where bylaw changes will be voted on
    • Any director that misses 3 meetings unexcused will be resigned
    • 1/3 of Board of Directors present shall constitute a quorum
    • Should we add a membership committee?
    • Marilyn suggests adding distribution of minutes to the duties of secretary
      • to be posted on website
    • Adding electronic report required of the treasurer
      • to be posted on website
    • Subcommittees must report minutes to secretary
  • Alleyway project
    • Follow-up with Rachel and Jeff: Did we get the funding?
  • Funding opportunities
    • Community Foundation Grant
      • No further news, as of yet
    • Grant application to Chamber of Commerce


New Business

  • Having issues accessing the website to make updates
    • Follow up with Tom about this


Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting– Dec. 14th, Location TBD