November 2015

November 2015

Bowling Green
Arts Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Attendance: Alice Calderonello, John Calderonello, Craig Blair, Jacqui Nathan, Nancy Stonerock, Kitty Pattay, Kelsey Kleine, Richard Gullett

I. Action Items
Kelsey Klein was Acting President, standing in for Brenda. Because of
anticipated expenses, the paying of dues was discussed. The following
action items pertaining to dues were passed unanimously;
1. All members who pay dues between now and December 31, 2015 will be paying dues for the period January 1, 2016 – December 31st 2016.
Moved by: Nancy Stonerock; Seconded by: Craig Blair.
2. Anyone who joins BGAC after June 30th of any year will pay half of the
annual membership fee.
Moved by: Craig Blair; Seconded by Kitty Pattay

II. Committee Reports
Art in the Park – First meeting with Kristen Otley and Ivan was Tuesday, October 27th from 3:30 – 5:00 at the Simpson Building. BG Parks and
Recreation will hold the date we’ve selected; the Park, amphitheatre,
Park buildings will be used for this event, free of charge since it is to
be co-sponsored. In future meetings, matters such as cooperation in
programming, promotion of the event, lengthening the hours of the event,
etc. will be considered. Next meeting: 3:30-5:00 Simpson Building on
Tuesday, November 17th. All are welcome to attend.

50+ Shades of Grey – Time/Date of opening reception: 5-7 pm on Friday, February 5th. See below for detailed discussion of issues raised for Denise

Treasury Report – Balance as of November 2015 is approximately $747.
(The amount reflects a PayPal transfer that has not yet shown up on the
Huntington Account,.)
Anticipated expenses (P.O. Box Renewal, Web Hosting, IRS App for 501
c3 status) will be approximately $535 or less (because of a special in web
hosting). A potential $30 fee for a Facebook Boost was tabled for future

Artists for Animals – Approximately 25 visitors, other than artists and
volunteers. A profit of $117.57 has so far been generated.
Discussion about raising the fee for adult artists in next year’s exhibit
to $25/person ensued. The decision will be made when planning the 2016 show.

Internet & Web Committee – This committee (Jacqui, Kelsey Brenda) selected a suitable web host, Green Geeks, which is having a discount special of $3.96/
month. Current web hosting expires December 20th, so new web site will be
active soon. Brenda has been working hard on the new design and will send
out an e-mail shortly. (Design includes a Word Pres template that will make
the site easy for members to use. )

Sandwich Stroll – The group discussed the possibility of tabling the Stroll
for the time being due lack of time for members to participate (since
50+ Shades of Grey is occurring in February) and because the last
several strolls haven’t yielded much profit.

Bylaws – Jacqui will send out the draft of the Bylaws to all members, asking
for any modifications, if there are any questions, etc. Following this,
she will send out the final draft to all BGAC members and ask for an approval
vote by e-mail.

50+ Shades of Grey Tentative Time Table and issues/questions for Denise –
Tentative Timetable:
Dates of Show February 5th – March 3rd
Information/materials on web site Friday, January 8th
Entry Deadline Friday, January 22nd
Artists Notified of acceptance Tuesday, January 26th
Art Intake Tuesday, February 2nd 4 -6 pm
Hanging Show Wed-Thurs Feb. 3rd and 4th 4-7 pm
Show reception Friday, February 5th 5-7 pm
Art Takedown Friday, March 4th 4- 6 pm
(*Nancy Stonerock has volunteered to be at the Center for art intake)

Questions/Issues for Denise
***Need Senior Center Logo for promotional materials!
1. Are the hours/dates above realistic for the Center, particularly
art intake and show hanging dates?
2. Does a Senior Center staff member need to also be present (besides Nancy Stonerock and/or another BGAC member) for art intake?
3. In what secure location will art be stored after intake (and prior to
4. Can small tables, etc. be made available for sculptures and other 3-D art?
5. More railing will be necessary (at least installed on the South wall of the dining room). And bulletin Boards on South and East wall will need to be moved.
***John and Craig have volunteered to help hang additional railing if necessary.
6. More hooks for railings will also be needed to hang 2-D art.
7. During the reception, can tables in the dining room be moved away from the walls so that visitors can more easily view the art?
8. Jacqui has graciously agreed to update the prospectus for 50+ Shades of
Grey and will also print out promotional materials for the show. These
will be available by the December BGAC meeting.
9. Members felt that a meeting with Denise and Alice (and Jacqui, if possible)
to work out logistics/issues raised in questions above would be useful.
Since the show will be promoted to Senior Centers in adjacent counties and
since the Center has a water color group, there may be a great many artists
entering the show, each submitting up to three pieces. It would be useful
to estimate the size of the show in determining additional areas/railing for
hanging and displaying art.

THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON Tuesday, December 8th at 6:30