May 2022

Minutes from BGAC Meeting

May 10, 2022

Grounds for Thought Annex

Members present: Jacqui Nathan, Dave Saneholtz, Marilyn Shrude, Lloyd Triggs

April 12th Minutes

  • Dave moves to approve minutes; Lloyd seconds, Approved.

Treasury report

  • $ 4779.38 in checking
  • Several Art Walk registration fees received – Jacqui will check on the outstanding fees.

Committee Reports

  • Art Walk May 14th
    • 18 artists and venues.
    • BGAC/BGSU intern designed brochures, posters, ballots and ballot box.
  • Alleyway Project
    • No updates.
    • Jacqui expressed concern that our name is on this grant and we need to make sure that we are meeting our obligations.
  • Website
    • Tom has updated.
    • Dave would like to request that the payment categories be defined in PayPal – right now they are all just “donations.”

Old Business

  • Robin is working to update BGAC brochure and will try to have something ready for Art Walk.
  • The donation to the Howard’s mural project donation of $250 was enthusiastically supported by our members – we are on the T-shirts.
  • Firefly Nights support; Flannery proposed a $100 sponsorship: but if we want recognition, the best possibility seems to be:

Bronze Sponsor Package: $250

  • Company name printed on all event materials
    • Company name printed on all volunteer t-shirts
    • Company name included as a bronze sponsor in press materials
    • 1 Firefly Festival t-shirt
    • Company name listed on Firefly Festival website

We did not vote on this – Jacqui will send out an email.

New Business

  • Art in the Park – Jacqui contacted Ivan, BG Parks and Recreation, but it is too late for June.
    • We discussed possibly August 12 or 19, later in the evening – maybe 7-9pm.
    • Jacqui will contact Parks Department about scheduling.

Meeting Adjourned– Marilyn moves, Dave seconds.

Next Meeting– June 8th, Location TBA