Kathleen Pahl

Kathleen Pahl, artistKathleen Dayo Pahl

A recent MFA graduate of Bowling Green State University, Kathleen Dayo Pahl has exhibited work in local, regional, and international competitions, as well as solo shows. She has given lectures regarding her work and has been invited as a guest instructor. Currently she teaches at BGSU in the School of Art. Dedicated to the advancement of fine art in her community, she donates her time and work to local charities promoting the arts.

My artistic practice revolves around the concept of intangibility and the urge to seek and understand that which is unattainable or in the periphery. I use lines as my primary mark-making tool, layering paint to produce the illusion of three-dimensionality and inviting the viewer to consider the spaces that exist just beyond our reach. The visual movement of line serves as a reminder of the delicate and fleeting nature of the intangible. In creating this work, I strive to bring the idea of intangibility to the forefront, to make the peripheral in part tangible, and to evoke the emotions that come with searching for that which cannot be fully grasped. I invite the viewer to slow down, contemplate and to reflect on their relationship to that which is elusive.

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Website: www.kathleenpahl.com/bio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_nebulist_painter/
Email: kathleenpahl.art@gmail.com

Here are a few samples of Kathleen's work.