April 2015

April 2015

Bowling Green
Arts Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Attendance: Brenda Baker, Alice Calderonello, John Calderonello, Randy Bennett, Jacqui Nathan, Brandon Briggs, Marilyn Shrude, Nancy Stonerock, Kitty Pattay, Ed Marks, Karen Walters

I. Approval of March minutes- Jacqui moved; Brenda seconded. Approved.

II. Committee Reports

Artists for Animals – Artists for Animals was originally postponed because it
was thought that there were only 6 applicants. Instead, many had registered
and these registrations had not appeared on the website. Because the
reception/show was resumed at the last minute, Jacqui had to handle
everything by herself—including hanging the show. Our deepest thanks
to Jacqui. The show and reception were a success; many attended. Craig,
Alice, and John helped with the reception. Cards from the winners ($10 each)
have been printed and are being packaged. Card sales will commence
before the end of the Artists for Animals exhibition and will also be
available during the Art Walk. They will be on sale at Grounds, Art-O-Cite,
and other venues, perhaps H & R Block.

Because this incident is not the only problem with the website, Jacqui
suggested that a website committee be formed to explore other options
and to make a recommendation to BGAC. The group agreed. Jacqui has
volunteered to chair the committee, which will consist of Jacqui, Brenda,
and Brandon. Because Kelsey has been working on social media for BGAC,
Jacqui will contact her as well.

Art in the Park will occur on June 5th from 5pm – 7pm. June 12th is the
second date, if there is rain on the 5th. Location: Simpson Garden Park

John Calderonello informed BGAC about a possible problem with heavy
construction machinery being in the park because of a problem that will need
to be rectified. It may be necessary to cancel at the last minute. He also told
the group that this year the event is being sponsored by BGAC only (not co-
sponsored with BG Parks and Recreation; if we want to co-sponsor with BG
Parks in 2016, we will need to begin working with them this June).

The group, nevertheless, wished to move on with event.
Marilyn Shrude and/or Timmy C. (Hump Day music) will arrange for musical entertainment; Deb (Black Swamp Players) and Karen (Horizon Youth Theatre—available on June 5th but not the rain date of the 12th) will arrange for theatrical performance/s. Refreshments will be cookies (and perhaps snacks like potato chips). Nancy will be contributing some cookies. (Jacqui thought we may need 12 dozen.) Alice and John will provide lemonade and other non-alcoholic, summer beverages.

John will try to arrange a possible demonstration in the Healing Garden.
Beth and Brenda will handle publicity for the event. Brandon will try to
arrange for student artists to paint on easels. As well, members of BGAC
(Brenda, Randy, etc.) have suggested that they will paint on easels also.
*** The next BGAC meeting will be on May 5th . It will be devoted to
making arrangements for Art in the Park.

Treasury Report – Kelsey will soon have the financial information
For 2014 ready and has the IRS form ready to submit. (Thanks to
Dave Buckland for help with filing the tax form.) Kelsey has asked
for the formation of a Finance Committee; several people indicated
their willingness to work in that group.

Art Walk- Entries are coming in well. Beth and Brenda will be meeting soon to match artists with venues since they now have the complete list of participating businesses from Downtown BG. Students and student organizations who are interested in displaying their work will have the Library Atrium as their designated space. Students can display work at no cost; all other artists must pay $15 each. This week Brenda will be e-mailing
each individual artist about where his/her work will be displayed.
Due to the increasing success of the Art Walk, more art space may need
to be secured in the future.

III. Old Business- Jacqui submitted a copy of a very useful, detailed template
for the planning and management of events. She will distribute the
template digitally to BGAC members. The group also briefly talked about
whether or not to have regular seasonal exhibitions and what to call them
(e.g. Gallery Hop). Brandon suggested the idea of having other BG
businesses, such as restaurants, co-sponsor regular gallery events. Jacqui suggested the idea of developing an annual calendar. The group
will revisit these important issues in the future.

IV. New Business- The group briefly discussed the possibility of joining the
BG Chamber of Commerce. For a modest annual fee ($60 – $100 /year?)
BGAC could avail itself of lots of good publicity. The June meeting
main agenda item will be a discussion of Chamber membership for BGAC.

***Please note that in May only the meeting will be on the first Tuesday of the
month, rather than the second Tuesday.