Yuemin Xin

Yuemin Xin, artistYuemin Xin

Yuemin Xin was born in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia in China. Her original art designs are hand painted on rice paper with ink and water, utilizing Qing Dynasty era techniques.

She has been competing in art and calligraphy competitions since she was a small child, and has won numerous awards and honors. She is a member of Tianjin Calligraphers Association; Member of Tianjin Manchu Calligraphers and Painters Association; Member of Hulunbuir Literary and Art Federation, Inner Mongolia, The Toledo Federation of Arts Societies, and an artist member of Bowling Green Arts Council.

In 2020 Xin moved to America. Her artistic contributions have included mural work for a restaurant in Toledo, teaching painting and calligraphy for Chinese Center of Toledo, the Toledo Public Library, and has been a guest lecturer for BGSU.

Connect With Xin!
Website: https://www.yueminxin.com/
Etsy Store: www.etsy.com/shop/XinYuemin

Here are a few samples of Yuemin's work.