September 2022

Minutes from BGAC Meeting

September 8, 2022

Attendance: Robin Gerrow, Tom Gerrow, Marilyn Shrude, Lloyd Triggs,
Jacqui Nathan, Jeff Dennis

Meeting Called to Order & Welcome 6:40pm

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Treasury Report: No report

Committee Reports

Alleyway Project

  • Jeff: Juniper event went well. The change in the Alleyway
    Project grant due to complications with the Dogleg alley
    originally proposed was accepted by the Community
    Foundation. Dogleg Alley did not work out as owners were
    worried about the costs. Nick, a consultant to the BGSU
    entrance renovation, asked to comment on the revised
    project. Jeff spoke with the Mayor, and BGSU Utilities
    may do the project lighting. The Rescue Plan funding is still
  • Robin met with Rachel Phipps, Megan Newlove and Ellen
    Smith last week regarding this project.
  • Marilyn commented on the recent ‘Downtown Forward’
    article in the Sentinel. She noted that BGAC should strive
    to be involved with this initiative, ‘Reimagining Rural
    Regions,’ which is a partnership between the City and the
    Center for Regional Development at BGSU.

Collateral Materials

  • Robin: We now have window decals, business cards and
    postcards are on their way to the printer. T-shirts are in
    process.BGAC will be using MailChimp to communicate
    with membership.
  • A rolling membership was proposed and approved. BGAC
    now has about 19-20 paid members. Robin will solicit
    downtown merchants with a membership request letter.
  • Jacqui will distribute cards at the next Arts Roundtable
    meeting at BGSU.

Old Business

Bowling Green Community Foundation – grant proposals due 10/14.

  • Robin: introduced the possibility of using the “Art Share” model
    proposed by Springboard, which utilizes a juried process to
    commission a set number of pieces by several artists, and then sells
    shares to the community. Those participating by buying shares will
    receive the artwork 2-3 times per year at an event. Shares might sell
    at a fixed price…for example $350.00. We would start with a goal of
    20-25 shares. The BGCF grant could be used to fund the initial startup costs for this project.


  • Daniel Bennett Schwartz exhibition at BGSU
  • DMA Music series: Discover Music At____________(various venues
    in the area)
  • Send announcements of arts events to Tom for the homepage

Next meeting October 12, 2022. Location TBA